No significant results without coach work and support

It is about getting to know more and more prize-winners of the Championship. The battle at the water is really hot. And let us present the champions of 2016 ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships.

The winner at the distance of 1000min C1 Men U23 was Arthuur Peters from Be lgium. The silver medal and thus the second place was taken by Ihar Baicheuski from Belarus.

-The competitiveness is really visible. At the same European Championship in Bulgaria held about half a week ago I won the race in C1 at the distance of 1000 m. But here the team’s composition is quite different. The athletes are really strong. And in Bulgaria among the competitors there wasn’t that Belgian athlete, who gained the first place in the race this time. Of course, it was desirable for me to become the best. However, the second place, I think, is not too bad. You have regular trainings all year round in order to come into the water just for one turn, which in fact determines everything. And in case there is fine cowork between the athlete and the couch there will be significant result,too. In this regard particularly the current event is a big step for me. Just one year ago I was operated. So right after that I had to stop and have a break for about three months. But during the last year I performed successfully. So now you can see the visible progress I made. I’m pleased to receive support from my parents, my wife, who is also taking part in the races (Darya Baicheuskaya – Press Centre) and finally my coaches. These are people to whom I devote my victory.

Vitaly Drozd the coach of the athlete shared his experience on work with the athletes:

-It is really complicated to have effective trainings during such small breaks between the races. But still we did manage to get enough preparations for the two events at the same time and keep good shape. Regarding this athlete I should say that we don't have typically ordinary relations as it is usually considered to be between a coach and an athlete. He married my daughter. And during the past years I understood that the more important is to respect and take into account the personal suggestions and wishes of the athlete I’m training than my strict attitude towards him. The age of 23 deserves to be respected as at this age the athlete has already gained his own experience, his personal point of view. Therefore you should ask him for advice regarding the trainings.

Laszlo Solti form Hungary took the bronze medal.


Yury Vanduk from the Ukraine took the first place in C1 U23 1000 m:

— It was a really good race for me: for the first time I participated at the world level in canoe single and gained the gold medal. My coaches, the whole team, my family, my girlfriend helped me to reach these heights. They always support me. Special gratitude I would like to express to my coach Vyacheslav Sorokin — he has been my coach for two years, his work is great. 

Wiktor Glazunow from Poland was the second, Andras Bodonyi from Hungary became the third. 

The girls from Germany Jasmin Fritz, Melanie Gebhardt, Tabea Medert, Nina Krankemann became the gold medalists of the Championships in K4 U23 Men 500 m:
— It was extremely difficult. It was especially hard to work by the end of the race. We are from the different parts of Germany and train separately. Sometimes we meet out of training process. We believe in each other and try not to quarrel at all. When we are together we just have fun. We tried to do the same in the finals as in the training. 

The silver medal in this category was taken by Sara Ouzande, Camila Morison, Natalia Garcia, Begona Lazhano.

— We are very glad we managed doing it. We have never won in the category under 23 in this composition. We are happy to be the members of the National team. In future we would like to fight against other teams at the Olympic Games and World Championships.The coach of Spanish team told about his athletes and expressed the attitude to Belarus:

— They are very young team; they have been training not for a long time. It was crucially important to show a good result. Both I and they are very happy. There is no need to tune the girls during the Championships, because the competitions motivate them. We will take not only sport expressions away from Belarus. We liked your country very much, we didn’t think thank the organization would be so good.

The bronze medal of these competitions were gained by Anett Szilagyi, Rita Katrinecz, Eszter Malcsiner, Agnes Szabo from Hungary.

The gold of C2 U23 Women 500 m was won by Virag Balla and Kincso Takacs from Hungary:

— We are surprised with our victory, because we hadn’t been sure till the end. We are very happy that we won! This Championships is very important for us and in future we hope to take a prized place in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We have been training together since May of this year, but we have already become a good team. The first thoughts after we finished were about a new season. We like Minsk very much. We had time to ride bikes and to observe the city. There is very clean and nice everywhere.

The silver medals were gained by Katie Vincent and Nadya Crossman-Serb from Canada, but the bronze awards were given to the Belarusian Sniazhana and Volha Klimava. 

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