There can’t be too many victories

At the distance of 200 m Alexander Tutaev from Russia gained the gold medal in the final race of С1. The silver medal was given to Murman Malania from Georgia. The bronze one came to Konrad Nemedi from Hungary.

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The Russian Alexander Tutaev has never let anyone to overcome him in such international competitions.

—This medal is not my first one at the current Championships. But there can’t be too many victories. I was beforehand with my opponents literary at the last meters. I used such a technique as a roll. I have won the same at the European Championships. Such struggle was expected. My main opponent – representative Georgia – the greatest athlete – with whom I raced. It is pleasure to compete with Murman Malania, I hope it is not our last race. I have a lot of races passed at the current Championships but I am able to compete further – victories are the best motivation. This start is the last in this season. It is difficult to imagine the best year — I have no losses at the international competitions. I am surprised.


Vadim Forobov fromLithuaniatook the silver medalin C1 U23 Men. Sergey Yemelyanov from Kazakhstan gained the bronze medal. And Tiago Tavaresfrom Portugal became thewinnerofthisrace.

 — Mycoachhelpedmealot – hesupportedmeallthetime, Iwascalmandrelaxedbeforethestart, during the race I focused just on canoeing. I didn’t see the results and didn’t know what my position was. SuddenlysomeonefromthegaystoldmeIbecamethewinner.It was real happiness! 

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