The closer the finals, the more important the tactics

The closer the finals, the more important the tactic actions on the water. Liudmyla Kuklinovska from  Ukraine came to the finals on the second position at a 500 m distance heat among juniors. The athlete pointed out that she got used to distribute the force to be among the strongest at the next starts:

— I economized the force in the heat as the final race will come soon. I will do my best to come to the decisive race. What concerns the performance of my team, the Ukraine shows rather nice results. We have a good development of men and women kayaking, we hope for the better. All tasks are put in series that’s why if I go to the finals, I will think about medals, and only after then I can plan about about participating at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Dora Lucz, who was the first in K1 U23 500 m, heeds the advice to the experienced trainers:

— I always try to defer to the coaches. It is rather difficult to be selected to the national team of Hungary, there is a high competing among women. I annually participate in national junior & U23 Championships. However it is my first international start, and it’s very interesting for me.

To forget about tactics and become the best kayaker, — that is the motto of Joanna Bruska, the polish athlete who finished the second in the 500 m heat. These competitions are not the easiest for the athlete:

— I’m satisfied with my result, however I hope for the better performance in the semi-finals because it’s much rather important than the heat. I have dreamed to be here: as these are my last competitions in team under 23.

I had a heavy year. I had an injure not long ago – in April-May I injured my arm. Thanks to my friends and family who support me I managed to overcome this easily.  

Junior canoeist from Mexico Ada Rosamaria Gonzalez Ibarra who came the second at a  500 m distance considers that it is more important to train a lot before the races than tactics used by kayakers on the water: 

— There are no objections that girls are delicate and sensitive. It happens, sometimes just before the race nerves are really frayed and during the competition adrenaline runs very high. As for me I didn't worry at all before the start. So it was ok. We are actively training including the championships period. Every day we spend 3 hours for the trainings. 

K4 juniors from Russia Viktor Raevnev, Andrei Shmyrov, Roman Starshinov, Viktor Gavrilenko came the second at the distance of 1000 m. However they supposed to take the better place as they trained a lot before the starts. Still athletes do not feel blue and joke about their attitude with the coach:
— The battle at the European Junior&U23 Canoe Sprint Championships in Bulgaria was not so tough. We can save strength in other disciplines but we shall work all at once because the first boat comes to the finals and it is additional strength saving. 

Surely that tactics is developed by the coach but we are always discussing our strategy before the races. Otherwise there is risk to work in uncorrelated way. We think the each team has its own style of kayaking. The Czech, for example, after 250 m began to speed up but we were going with a middle speed. They got ahead and later “added” on the finish line so no one managed to catch them. There are situations when we develop tactics picture but because of force majeure we have to change it even during some minutes before the start. Sometimes the race is impacted with the weather, but here in Zaslavl we are satisfied with it. 

Correct stance is needed during the race. We do through the motions. Our fans joke that we are robots but we like to be “machines”. 

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