The Championships: more than sport

The life of the athletes of the Championships is “boiling”. They have little free time. Moreover every seconds of the hours of the athletes are defined. How can the athletes cope with such a pace of life and show perfect results? We decided to learn this information from the Norwegian kayakers, who participated in the first race of the second day. Juniors Harald Ivarsen, Vemund Næss Jensen, Hakeem Terald, Mathias Svoren finished the race of1000m on the second position.

— It is not so funny to start so early, but we are easy going about it. To be on game, we have got up at 6:30 a.m. We took the second place in the heat and came to the semi-final. Of course, we would like to win the race and go straight to the final, but we are not disappointed with the shown result, because the Polish crew is really faster.

It is always curious where the athletes find strength for new starts. The Belarusian junior canoeists Ryhor Maisiuk, Siarhei Kuptsevich, Siarhei Hirei, Dzianis Vashchanka were the second in C4 and were glad to tell  us about right recovery after competitions and getting up for water battles. 

— The races have been distributed so that we have possibility to have a rest and rehabilitate. It's the end of the season,we are tired a bit and we are doing all our best. 
Healthy catering is very important to make the training process effective. We usually have eggs, porridge, juice for the breakfast. The first eating session should be rich because it is energy for the whole day. But when we have a race, our breakfast is light. 

We try to do all our best because after the competition’s day we are exhausted and want just to sleep. 
The journalists from Press centre of the Championships have managed to look at the “backpacks” of the American canoeists Shawn Kalei Kaho’Okele, Aaron Mullican, Stanton Collins, Alexander Lee. 

—When we go from the hotel to the course we always take oars, cells to listen to music, much water, uniform and check the numbers on our T-shirts. What's the music we listen to? Before the race we listen to something aspirational and to calm down before the competitions we listen to relaxing melodies. Talking about the rest at night we are trying to sleep due to our usual schedule. However we are not able to do it before the competitions, because of being excited. Humor and positive thoughts help us to relax…

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