The results of the day: who are the favorites?

It is too early to guess what countries will be on the podium, but today the first favorites have been defined. Many athletes have noted the Belarusian team. Kayak double headed by juniors from Belarus Mikita Sanko and Uladzislau Sukhanosau finished first, racing the distance of 1000 meters and obtained a ticket to the finals with canoeists from Denmark, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Great Britain, Hungary, Portugal and Poland.

Canoe double of juniors Ryhor Maisiuk and Dzianis Vashchanka came first at a distance of 1000 meters. But to become the winners, athletes need to compete with doubles from other five countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Germany, Russia.

- We think we have good chances in the final, - the Belarusian athletes noted. - Today coming closer to the finish line, we calmed down a bit, and we saw that we won. Maybe we need to save some power, but the desire to come to the finish first impacted on the final result. In the final race only we should do is to win. Who are considered the main competitors? Those who are considered at the European Championships - Romanians, Russians, Hungarians. Canadians are strong. In fact, you may note that in different disciplines the representatives of exotic countries for canoe sprint came to the finals. We think, that the overall level of world canoe sprint increased. I would also like to point out good atmosphere on the course, support of spectators. But we will hope that there will be more fans in the decisive races, they will support us, they will scream. Native walls will always help. Someone said that heat interferes showing all the qualities. At the recent European Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint Championships in Bulgaria was even hotter, now it’s normal. All of us are on an equal footing.

The athletes under 23 years from nine countries - Australia, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, Spain have successfully overcome the distance of 1000 meters. 

Six countries appeared in the Championships final having overcome the distance of 1000 meters in canoe double. The athletes under 23 years old presented the Philippines, China, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal. 

The athletes from Australia, Denmark and Belarus under 23 years old have successfully finished in kayak four at a distance of 500 meters. 
Tandems from Belarus, Ecuador and Poland - women under 23 years old in double canoe at 500 meters have successfully overcome the distance. 

Kamila Bobr and Volha Klimava granted absolute victory to Belarus having overcome the distance with the result of 02:02.570. Lissette Espinoza and Anggie Avengo from Ecuador were the second and the third ticket to the final was taken to canoeists Magda Stanny and Dorota Borowska from Poland. We met smiling Magda Stanny on the bank and we didn’t loose opportunity to talk to her. The athlete talked about her way to the victory: 

- It was my old dream - to be in the World Championships final! If we are talking about sport it is completely unimportant how do you look – tall or low – fat or skinny. It is much more significant how are you training, what efforts do you make and how wide is your soul. During the day everyone is talking about the importance of couching work and support of the family, but the main thing who are we and our work on ourselves. Just we are able to push ourselves on this difficult path to success.

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