First finalists of the Championships have defined

It was really hot in the afternoon at the regatta course in Zaslavl, and at the same time the athletes competed for access to the final water.

Among the juniors in C2 Women 500 m athletes from Poland, Spain and Canada came to the finals. At the same distance in K4 the juniors from six countries: Spain, China, Romania, Germany, Poland, Australia, took an opportunity to compete in the final.

Juniors from Australia, who took third place in the semi-final race, enjoy the success and look forward to good luck in the finals, which, as girls think, is not possible without the efforts:

We are excited and pleased that we came to the final today. Despite the fact that we worked hard, until the end we were not sure of this result, but we hoped. Maybe thanks for the fans, who encouraged us here. We are very grateful for their emotions and support. Our plans for the final? We will make efforts to take the prize, even if it is hard. In addition, of course we are trying to do everything to get to the Olympic Games.

In C1 Junior Men the athletes from Russia, Brazil, Iran, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Ireland and Czech Republic will compete in the finals.

We stress that the excess to the final is given to athletes not so easy. A canoeist from Brazil Jacky Jamael thinks that he was on a hair of collapse, although he came the second:

— Thanks to God, I came to the final. When was the most difficult situation? Semi-final for me was difficult because only the strongest athletes fight on this stage. Surely I will do my best to gain the medal but even if I take the forth place in the final I will be happy. The representatives of Armenia and Belarus are the most important opponents for me. Besides, we have to fight against both the opponents and the weather. In comparison Brazil the climate here is dryer, and that’s the reason of some discomfort.

Besides, we have to fight against both the opponents and the weather. In comparison to Brazil the climate here is dryer, and that’s the reason of some discomfort. 

The final race of C1 U23 promises to be pretty hot. 12 athletes from Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Belarus, Canada, Argentina, Denmark, Iran, Ukraine, Hungary and the UK will compete for the title of winners of the Championships. 

By the way, the latest countries hold confidently and get ready to resist all the opponents in the final: 

We have done everything possible to finish with a good result and win a ticket to the final - said British athlete. - And now surely we will just think of the final race. We have the highest tasks and we are happy just to get there. 

The athletes from nine countries: South Africa, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Argentina will compete in K1 Juniors at a distance of 1000 meters in the finals. 

Those who came the first to the finish line in the semi-finals were full of strong emotions. Junior kayaker from South Africa Jean Van der Westhuizen could not dam up his feelings: 

- Now I am very happy, I'm impressed. I was completely satisfied with the course. I think Belarus is a very beautiful country, which is surely very different from South Africa. But I like both these trees and the whole nature in general. I have no particular style or secret, my success recipe is to do my best. I'm just trying to be the best ever. When I arrived I was pleased with usual hot weather and wind just added enthusiasm. 

Nine canoeists under 23 years old will compete for the title of best athlete of the Championships in the final races. The athletes from Bulgaria, Estonia, China, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Russia, Germany, Hungary have successfully completed the qualifying race.

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