Experience, rituals, weather, luck — what helps the athletes?

There was strong wind when U23 Men heats began. Greater part of the athletes was in difficulties as it was hard to save the balance in the boat. The participants of the competitions believe in the various signs hoping that superstitions help to win despite the weather conditions. 

— We think that wind helped us to win. But in order to attract the luck we bring dollars with us. For these competitions we took 20 dollars, — kayakers from Lithuania Donatas Zaldokas and Gitys Vasilenko shared their secrets of success. They took the 16th place at the previous competitions in Romania. —We also think that our work style encourages us. We work in the following way: begin with quick start, go at a normal speed and for 5 meters we speed up much. Thousands of passed meters seem greater because of the course width. 

The kayakers from Spain are satisfied with the weather. — It’s easy to compete under these conditions because the temperature and the weather here and in our native country are the same. It’s our first visit to Belarus. We are pleasantly impressed. We didn’t expect such Opening Ceremony and such good weather, — Pelayo Roza and Pedro Vazquez Llenin shared their emotions. — Luck and wind helped us as far as we trained a lot.

On the contrary canoers from Belarus Aliaksei Makhnist and Ivan Patapenka don’t like fair wind. — All these days there was head wind so it was hard to go. We know well the course itself – it helps. We are used to work head to the wind, our racing manner is forceful. However it’s needed to go by the regime and we are so heavy that it’s not simple to overcome the distance. For those who are light it is easier to do, — Belarusian canoers said and added: — We think that each of one has its own signs.

Canoeists from Kazakhstan brothers Yemelyanov have participated in the Junior & U23 Championships since these competitions started to hold. The athletes learnt the tactic from Bahdanovich brothers.

— The wind was fair, but it is not very good for my brother and me, we are heavy, that’s why we like head wind more. Earlier we went by the style of Aliaksandr Bahdanovich – started slowly and then gained the power. We were training together with them (Aliaksandr and Andrej Bahdanovich - note) and we consider them the talented athletes. Now we have changed our style, but let it be a surprise for our opponents! 

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